The World and Its History


The year is Gh. 452. The players live in a world named Kiyohr. The largest continent is Setetkö, which contains a large mix of races, religions, and environments. The other continents, in order from largest to smallest, are: Liqidan, named for the Liqida Empire that holds the entire island in its grasp; Jhaladska, an icy region famed for its usage of ice and snow in construction; Vitrence, a land with abundant metals and other rare monsters/materials; and finally The Zätzdaer, an ancient elven continent/country home to a gateway into another world.


Setetköan Empire

The Setetköan Empire is the largest country on the continent of Setetkö, and is home to some 30 million people. The northern part of the empire is pleasantly warm for most of the year, and has constant celebrations for good harvests. The southern part is where most of the government resides, and is cold, yet not cold enough to snow. Travelers flock to the south for riches, education, and employment. The Crown Council, who serve as advisors to the King or Queen, have taken up the job of interim rulers during the period between the last King, King Theodore IV’s death, and the Coronation of Prince Nathaniel II. The Prince’s mother, Queen Helena, was not able to rule after her husband’s death due to her own failing health.
Setetköan families are matrilineal, meaning one with a Seteköan father and a foreign mother is still a foreigner. However, most foreigners come with knowledge of Common and blend into society well. The large variety of races and their longevity in the country has brought Setetkö into an era of understanding between different peoples. The harmony in which the country functions has led to large innovations in the magical field.

Red Hand Conglomerate

The Red Hand Conglomerate was formed in Gh. 91, and has flourished relatively peacefully despite large numbers of bandit attacks. Recently, strange goings-on have been reported in the capital of the RHC, Bogatstvo Grad. The Governors, immensely powerful mages who enforce RHC law, have started withdrawing from their governing positions suspiciously,leaving a power vacuum. This led to the creation of the new RHC government, a band of mercenaries named the Yulins who are ultranationalistic and hostile towards their neighboring countries.
The Red Hand Conglomerate is a very unstable region as of late, with rumors of civil war escaping the country’s borders. While nothing has been confirmed by any official sources, the Yulins are very unpopular with the general population of the country.

The World and Its History

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