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  • The World and Its History


    The year is Gh. 452. The players live in a world named Kiyohr. The largest continent is Setetkö, which contains a large mix of races, religions, and environments. The other continents, in order from largest to smallest, are: Liqidan …

  • Races of Kiyohr

    Humans are the race populating the most of Setetkö and Jhaladska. They are exceptionally well-adapted to cold climates, being able to brave snowstorms without magic or machines. Their mastery of the cold also extends to their magic a …

  • The 25 Sages

    The First 12 Sages

    The First 12 Sages, or the Sages of Time, are 12 immortal(but not invincible) individuals who, after their aging stopped, found themselves with the power to control time and another additional power that varies from Sage to …