Ysik Stau


Ysik was the 13th person to receive powers from Lin Luna, and has, arguably, the most powerful abilities, as he is able to create and destroy matter, violating the laws of physics.

Appearance – Ysik wears dark blue pants, a light blue hussar jacket, and a long black cape with collar, with black gloves and shoes underneath. He wears a gold wing-shaped mask covering the left half and of his face and his mouth. He has short, brunette hair combed forward.

Fighting – Ysik fights with a staff made of wood, with an adamant core. He can create 5 ft. of terrain in any direction of any type he chooses.

Personality – If reminded of his family, he will go into a rage and kill everyone he sees. As he is the second most powerful sage, this usually means the weaker 23. Often, Kuathin has to reset the battle because of this.

Ysik Stau

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