Lin Luna


Appearance – Lin is a muscular, tall East Asian Man with long, waist-length, straight black hair, which is usually kept in a ponytail. He wears a blue shirt with a gray overcoat and slacks. He wears two metal gauntlets under his coat, and both are furnished with claws made of gilt steel that can retract when not in use.

Fighting – He carries a large dao(Chinese scimitar) on his back. His scimitar is inlaid with a green jewel that gives him +2 to any attack damage. If separated from his scimitar, he hides a one-shot derringer loaded with explosive ammunition under his coat in a shoulder holster.

Powers – Lin can teleport at will 1/hour, and can bestow upon others a random power. He can also add 1d20 to any damage roll once every other round.

Personality – He is never seen without a cigarette in his mouth. He also travels with his dog, Millie, who is more of a friend than a battle partner.

Lin Luna

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